My "OLD" two-wheeler!

1972 Schwinn Super Sport - "Kool Lemon"

I am in the process of bringing this one back to original condition by re-installing the parts that came on it when I bought it. I will post a new pic of it when I'm done!

This bike was considered a "mid grade" bike in its day but did include some nice features such as a hand-crafted fillet-brazed chrome molybdenum frame (assembled in the Paramount "cage" in Chicago), Weinmann alloy rims on quick-release hubs, alloy GB stem and handlebars, and Weinmann centerpull brakes. Its biggest "flaw" (besides its heft) was undoubtedly the one-piece steel Ashtabula crankset. Still, it was a good quality bike that I rode the hell out of and has stood up to lots of punishment over the years - a tribute to the old Schwinns' durability.

"Saved up all summer for this when I was 15..."

I have recently decided to restore this one back to original (or as original as I can anyway) and will post updates when finished (in case you may actually care...).

Click here to view an excellent article about the history of Schwinn's fillet-brazed framed bicycles! (courtesy of Harris Cyclery of West Newton, MA)

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