In Memory of Dickie

Richard A. "Dickie" Lindenschmidt
February 24, 1940 - April 17, 2002

My uncle Dickie was more than an uncle... He was the nicest man I ever knew and my bicycling mentor. I will miss him terribly.

NOTE: This page is still a "work in progress" and WILL get better... I am planning on adding pictures and other words and thoughts about Dickie. If you have anything you would like to contribute, please send me an e-mail.

If you were fortunate enough to have known Dickie then you know that he was indeed one of the friendliest, thoughtful and conscientious people on the planet. The world could use many more Dickies and it is a much poorer place without him.

Dickie was a devoted biker - I called him "The Ambassador of Bicycling" and that was probably not far off the mark. He was an inspiration to me and others that rode with him. He always offered encouragement and helped anybody new to biking "get into it" by riding with them.

Click here for a wonderful article about Dickie in the October, 2002 EBC newsletter. (It's an Adobe PDF formatted document, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader) Dickie was a participant in the Odyssey 2000 World Bike Tour. This article was sent by a fellow participant and describes Dickie to a "T". It's remarkable how everyone that got to know him has the same types of great things to say about him - a tribute to his warm and consistently genuine personality.

Dickie with his Odyssey bike & shirt about a week after he completed the tour in January, 2001. Notice the duct tape on the seat and the handlebar wrap. He was always the frugal type!

I was looking forward to riding with him for at least another 20 years, but unfortunately that's just not the way it worked out.

I hope you enjoyed this tribute page. May a little bit of Dickie reside in us all...

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